EMVCo Hits the Mark with Global Interoperability of EMV QR Code Payments

EMVCo, the global technical body that manages EMV specifications, aims to promote the global interoperability of EMV QR code payments with its proprietary QR payment mark.

The mark is available for use by all implementers of EMV QR Code solutions and may be used to inform customers that a merchant accepts EMV QR Code payment solutions, according to the press release. It may also be used as an application indicator on a consumer mobile device for card-present transactions, while supplemental messaging to consumers confirms whether merchant-presented transactions, consumer-presented transactions or both are supported.

“The development of a uniform, recognizable QR Payment Mark that can be used on a royalty-free basis is an important step towards providing a universally consistent experience for both merchants and consumers,” Jack Pan, chair of EMVCo’s executive committee said in the release.

This most recent initiative comes after EMVCo’s EMV QR Code Specifications, published in 2017 and recently reported on here, which addressed the two prevalent QR Code use cases mentioned above.

In consumer-presented transactions, the consumer presents the QR Code on their mobile device and the merchant uses an optical scanner to read the code. With merchant-presented, the merchant displays the QR code and the consumer uses their mobile device to scan it.

“As momentum builds for leveraging emerging technologies, EMVCo is committed to facilitating worldwide acceptance and interoperability for EMV QR Code payments,” comments Pan in the same release.

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