Payments Innovator Square Targets Larger Sellers with Square Register

New to the point-of-sale (POS) hardware sector is Square Register – a fully integrated and user friendly payment solution targeting larger sellers.

A step up from the little white dongle we’re all accustomed to associating with the brand, the company’s recent press release positions Square Register as a more robust version of a cashless register that integrates seamlessly with any business.

No tablets or apps are required and the company touts the ability to “start selling right out of the box” with the product’s sleek new design and comprehensive capabilities.

Dual screen functionality enables a more transparent experience for the customer and offers more autonomy in the payment process as well. Each cashless register is equipped with a standard touch-screen for the cashier, while the customer has their own screen that details every step of the payment process. This also means that customers can tap, dip or swipe without having to share a screen.

And unlike Square’s proprietary dongle, Square Register, with its intelligent POS software, targets larger businesses that need more intelligent functionality to manage things like inventory, customer outreach, employee accounts and permissions, purchase orders, vendor lists, timecard data and projected profit reporting.

The same press release quotes Jesse Dorogusker, head of hardware at Square, as saying “we built Square Register based on years of insight from working with sellers about what they need on their countertop as their business grows. This is the first time we’re delivering a product that incorporates everything we’re known for in one place: beautiful hardware, powerful software and a robust managed payments experience.”

As far as any plans to shift their focus to the larger markets and move away from the small business segment that the company has become synonymous with, TechCrunch quotes Square CEO Jack Dorsey as saying “they’ll always be a part of our growth plan and always who we serve.”

But when it comes time for these small businesses to grow, Dorsey explains, “we can’t be a service that says ‘oh, you’re too big for us.’” Square Register addresses the needs of these growing businesses and enables them to stay with the same provider – a win for both parties involved.

Marketed by the company as “the turning point for point of sale,” Square continues to deliver innovative products that enhance the customer experience and respond directly to the needs to their growing businesses.