The Consolidation Theme Continues: Square Acquires Dessa

In an effort to bolster their machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives, and closely following their recent acquisition of fellow AI company Eloquent Labs, Square has acquired Toronto-based machine learning applications company Dessa. 

Known throughout the marketplace for their work on deepfake detection (identifying digital output that has been altered or enhanced by AI), Dessa’s technology will be able to assist the small-business innovator in various product enhancements including customer engagement, risk management and more, according to the press release

The Dessa team will continue business as usual at their Toronto office and Square looks to continue investing further in Canadian engineering talent following the acquisition.

“Joining Square allows us to continue to evolve what’s possible with applied machine learning and double down on our commitment to doing so,” said Dessa CEO Stephen Piron via the company’s blog. “From day one, Square has been a champion of economic empowerment for people who might otherwise be left behind by traditional financial institutions. We’re excited to build new tools and products with machine learning at Square that will make finance easier for customers around the world.”

Piron confirms that at least a portion of Dessa’s work at Square will include developing techniques that will help put a stop to deepfakes, according to VentureBeat.