PF Leaders Square and Stripe Criticize Trump Immigration Order

President Trump’s executive order on Friday halting immigration from seven countries sparked a vocal reaction from many among the tech business community. The CEOs of Square and Stripe were among those expressing concern about the potential impact of the order, both in economic and human terms.

Square issued a company statement on Twitter, saying, “We are concerned about the impact the recent executive action could have on our employees and our sellers. The contributions of our immigrant-owned small businesses play an important part in our economy and demonstrate the best of this country’s values. We stand with them and anyone affected.”

Square CEO Jack Dorsey made personal comments as well, tweeting that the impact of the order “real and upsetting.”

Stripe has not issued a public comment, but Stripe CEO Patrick Collison has opposed the order on his personal Twitter account, saying “Trump’s stated immigration policies would be economically damaging and will in time be seen as morally wrong.”

Collison is also one of a number of executives who pledged to match donations to the American Civil Liberties Union.

Prior to issuance of the executive order, Billy Alvarado, chief business officer at Stripe, explained to Inc. magazine that tech companies could be expected to have a pro-immigration stance, saying, “It’s absolutely critical for continued innovation.”

The two payment facilitators joined other tech companies including Google, Lyft, Airbnb and Facebook in voicing opposition to the order.