The Great Debate: PF WORLD 2018 Speakers to Face off on Merits – and Pitfalls – of Becoming a PF

Which of these statements is closer to the truth?

  1. Becoming a payment facilitator is a terrifying leap for a software company to make, into a world that is risky, complex and expensive.
  2. Becoming a PF is the best way to earn more revenue, control your customer experience, and improve your company’s valuation.

When software companies integrate payments into their platforms, many face the decision of whether to become a payment facilitator or outsource the payments function to someone else. Becoming a PF holds both risk and reward, so how can they decide?

Find out at next week’s PF WORLD 2018, when payments industry veterans who have seen it all debate the merits – and the pitfalls – of becoming a PF. Mike Frank, head of business development at Worldpay, will face off against Ralph Dangelmaier, CEO of BlueSnap.

During his more than 12 years at Worldpay, Frank has developed the company’s corporate business unit sales strategy and created a verticalized approach that included the development of relationships with merchants, resellers, ISVs, wholesalers and distributors.

A 25-year veteran of the payments industry, Dangelmaier is a frequent industry thought leader with numerous TV appearances who has also published many articles in technology, payments and eCommerce publications and spoken at payments and tech conferences worldwide. He has spent his career creating products for retailers, processors and financial institutions.

The two will go head to head on the questions that plague every company considering how to integrate payments into its platform: What kind of investment does it take? How long does the process take? Does becoming a PF make it easier or harder to expand globally? Which PFs have integrated payments into their business model so well the payments have almost disappeared? And when a PF implementation goes bad, how bad is it?

Todd Ablowitz, CEO and founder of Double Diamond Group and Infinicept will moderate the debate.

“The industry conversation about becoming a PF tends to be about the extremes,” Ablowitz said. “It’s either far too risky and costly, or it’s the smartest decision you could possibly make. Having two industry heavyweights debate the big issues behind who should make the leap and when is sure to test everyone’s assumptions.”


Check out The Great Debate at PF WORLD 2018 on Sept. 25 in New York City.

PF WORLD 2018 is the first-ever standalone event focused exclusively on the payment facilitator ecosystem. It’s designed to tackle the challenges unique to payment facilitators head-on and provide the chance to network directly with the top names in the industry.

There are only a few seats left, so save your space by registering now.