Do Payment Facilitators Have to Be PCI Compliant?

Data security is a critical component of the work that payment facilitators do. Proper management of sensitive data is an essential responsibility for anyone enabling access to the payments system. So every payment facilitator needs to understand the role that PCI compliance plays in their overall risk management efforts.

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Take A Deep Breath PFs, Beneficial Ownership Rule Is Not So Bad

First things first: In our opinion, the Treasury’s May 11 FinCEN rules are going to impact ISOs and Payment Facilitators alike, in that banks are going to make them follow these new rules.

Although the rule does not speak to ISOs or PFs underwriting merchants or submerchants, we fully believe if you are required to do KYC now — and ISOs and PFs are required to do KYC now — they will be required to do the increased KYC under the new rules.

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