PF Flint Mobile Shuts Down, Turns Business Over To Stripe

Payment facilitator Flint Mobile’s payments business was effectively shuttered on Monday (Feb. 15), seemingly a victim of a payments player coming into an already-developed market too late and with insufficiently deep pockets. The beginning of the end happened on Feb. 5, when “Flint abruptly suspended all new signups and closed all card processing for current accounts. Users who tried to process cards were met with a message saying, ‘You have exceeded your processing limits.'”

A visit to the site late on Wednesday (Feb. 17) by found a seemingly active homepage, but clicking on the Sign Up Now button delivered the note “New signups suspended. We are currently transitioning to a new platform. We appreciate your patience.” Alas, it seems that patience will serve no purpose. Although it appeared that company executives, between Feb. 5 and Feb. 17, were indeed trying to find a way to keep the business going, it didn’t work out.

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