MINDBODY Exec to Deliver Keynote at PF WORLD 2018

By Greg Myers, CEO, PaymentFacilitator.com

As SaaS companies decide whether and how to integrate payments into their offerings or seek ways to leverage payments as a key part of their growth strategy, learning from the experiences of existing payment facilitators and other companies who are already successfully walking this road can help smooth the way ahead.

That’s why we’re making opportunities to hear from other SaaS companies central to the PF WORLD 2018 agenda, beginning with the keynote address. We’re excited to announce Dan Chandre, VP of strategic development for MINDBODY, as the keynote speaker.

MINDBODY is a leading technology platform serving the fitness, beauty and wellness services industries. Business owners use its integrated software and payments platform to run and market their businesses and to connect with consumers and their local communities.

Focusing specifically on integrated payments and business development, Chandre looks to drive the company strategy by harnessing the technology available through partnerships, extending what MINDBODY has to offer to its customers beyond its core platforms. Chandre came to MINDBODY through the acquisition of Booker, where he held a similar role driving payments and business development strategy.

He is slated to share how this top B2B SaaS company has driven its business using payments, and where it’s headed next.

“For many companies, payments integration can be a way to deliver a great customer experience and ultimately to drive revenue growth,” Chandre told PaymentFacilitator. “I’m looking forward to sharing the MINDBODY perspective on this space with the audience at PF WORLD 2018. It’s a unique opportunity to really focus on how payments can be an integral part of your strategy.”

PF WORLD 2018 is the first-ever standalone event focused exclusively on the payment facilitator business. It’s designed to tackle the challenges unique to payment facilitators head-on and provide the chance to network directly with the top names in the industry.

Keep watching this space for more from the PF WORLD speakers. Until then, check out the event web site to find more details and register. Early bird registration ends August 31, so save your spot now.