Frictionless Underwriting: Worth the Risk?

While controlling access to the payments system is critical, the legacy system in place to do so was overkill for many players. To accept electronic payments, even the smallest merchant had to complete the same applications and undergo the same scrutiny as the big guys. Enter frictionless underwriting.

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Social KYC: Ignore It At Your Own Risk

Payment facilitators have many tools at their disposal to help them understand the risk of taking on a particular merchant’s business during underwriting. In many cases, though, the tools rely on information provided by the merchants themselves.

To validate that information merchants have provided, however, PFs have a vast resource for fishing out the true nature of the merchant’s business and the identities of the people involved.

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Ups, Downs, and “Frothiness” in Between: PF Day Wrap

Interest in the business of payment facilitation is growing, not just among companies lured in to monetize transactions and the investors excited to fund fast-growing startups, but also regulators wanting to make sure a new third party isn’t taking advantage of consumers.

And all these eyes on the industry mean payment facilitators themselves, and companies thinking about switching to the model, are hungry for more information about how to run their business to take full advantage of all the opportunity in the space.

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Is Frictionless Onboarding Too Risky?

With frictionless underwriting, it’s easy to sign up for merchant accounts in seconds. If that’s the case, what’s to keep bad actors from signing up for multiple accounts, with multiple service providers?

In the latest in our series of industry perspectives on frictionless onboarding, we talk to Danny Klein, the COO of cyber risk intelligence provider EverCompliant, about how risk has evolved along with the practice.

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Q&A: The Risks and Benefits of Frictionless Underwriting

The advent of frictionless underwriting turned the payments world on its head. The ability to onboard merchants quickly with a minimum of fuss has enabled small merchants to accept payments more easily, clearing the way for many more to enter the market.

But the practice does have its downside. Lowering barriers to entry into the payments system lowers them for everyone, not just the good guys. With that in mind, is beginning a series on the perils and the benefits of frictionless underwriting.

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