Doing Patient Payments Better: How PF Modernizing Medicine Solves Healthcare Payment Inefficiency

There are many reasons to become a payment facilitator, not the least of which is the revenue stream it can provide. But revenue alone likely isn’t enough. Celine Kaiser, vice president of payments at healthcare PF Modernizing Medicine, thinks every software provider should carefully consider one question before it goes down the path of becoming a PF: What is the problem you want to solve?

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Healthcare PF InstaMed Counters Consumer Confusion

Nearly two-thirds of consumers would consider switching to a different healthcare provider based on their payments experience.

That’s potentially a sobering statistic to people in the healthcare industry. But it’s one that InstaMed – as a healthcare payments network and particularly as a payment facilitator – feels well positioned to address.

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Plans to Scrap Obamacare Don’t Worry PF Softheon

As President Obama leaves office and Donald Trump prepares to take the reins, a Republican Congress has declared repealing Obamacare to be one of its top priorities. But what that will entail and what the resulting healthcare system will look like is anyone’s guess at this point.

With so much uncertainty in the health care market, you might expect Eugene Sayan, the CEO of PF Softheon, whose platforms are used by insurers and health plan exchanges to market products to and accept payments from consumers, to be worried. You would be wrong.

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Healthcare PF InstaMed Connects Payers, Providers and Patients

Healthcare in the U.S. is a complicated mix of people and organizations both large and small. Patients navigate through small practices and large healthcare systems as well as individual and employer-provided insurance. Further adding to the complications are very specific regulations protecting patient data and the need to protect the patients’ payment information.

As a payment facilitator, InstaMed strives to connect those disparate parts through a single network. The company claims to connect more than two-thirds of the healthcare market and process tens of billions of dollars a year in healthcare payments.

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