Ups, Downs, and “Frothiness” in Between: PF Day Wrap

Interest in the business of payment facilitation is growing, not just among companies lured in to monetize transactions and the investors excited to fund fast-growing startups, but also regulators wanting to make sure a new third party isn’t taking advantage of consumers.

And all these eyes on the industry mean payment facilitators themselves, and companies thinking about switching to the model, are hungry for more information about how to run their business to take full advantage of all the opportunity in the space.

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MemberPlanet Simplifies Life for Membership Organizations

Typically, growing businesses are advised to develop expansion plans and stick to them. But sometimes you have to go where your customers lead you.

Being open to new verticals is one of the ways MemberPlanet has evolved from one college student with an idea for dramatically improving the financial management of his fraternal organization to a company that serves more than 13,000 nonprofits, faith-based organizations, alumni organizations, parent-teacher associations, and even the U.S. Air Force.

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