What is a Payment Gateway?

The payments industry is a complex system of pieces, all working together to make it possible for a consumer to purchase an item or a service simply by inserting a card at a retail location or entering their payment credentials into a web site.

The term “payment gateway,” is often mentioned as a necessary piece of the puzzle. But what exactly does that mean?

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What Is the Payment Facilitator Model?

Many software companies are choosing to enable their merchant customers to accept payments through their platform. It’s an appealing way to increase revenue and provide their customers with a complete software and payments experience. For companies that choose to own the payments function in-house, the process involves becoming what’s known in the payments industry as a payment facilitator.

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Non-Profit PFs Won’t Like This – Facebook, The Latest PF, Is Going To Take Your Share

Facebook is charging back into the payments space but this time charging hard — taking 5% on every donation it processes through its recently launched non-profit features, announced to page administrators Tuesday. Facebook introduced a Donate button for 19 select non-profits in 2013, but didn’t charge a fee, instead sending 100 percent of donations to the charity. The social media giant says of each donation made through Donate buttons that keep donors on a non-profit’s page:

“We’re committed to building products that make it as easy and safe as possible for people to contribute to the causes they care about. To make this possible, starting in August, 2% of contributions will be used to cover a portion of the costs of nonprofit vetting, security, and fraud protection, operational costs and payment support and 3% of contributions will go to payment processing. The remaining 95% will go straight to the nonprofit. Facebook’s goal is to create a platform for good that’s sustainable over the long-term, and not to make a profit from these charitable giving tools.”

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